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Location Scouting

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A Hidden Location NW
Alissa M. Desler
Location Specialist / Owner

If a film, TV, commercial, or print project is looking for a places in the Pacific Northwest, Alissa Desler is the Location Specialist to call. She is the owner of A Hidden Location NW. Alissa specializes in scouting locations and production services. She has insider’s eye for finding the perfect location. She will insure all locations are locked, permitted, location agreements signed, neighborhood notifications in place, overnight accommodations, transportation, security, and crafts are in all in order. Her experience in all areas of film production will ensure your production runs smoothly.
As a Production Manager for Hidden Tree Productions in Portland, Oregon, she throws her experience to the table with budgeting, state film incentives, scheduling, and casting. Alissa’s experience in the film industry is what sets her location business apart from all others. She offers her experience in Gorilla 5 Scheduling Software and Movie Magic Screenplay 6 for pre- production’s needs.
Location Managers Guild of America; LMGA Women in Film; Seattle OMPA; Oregon Media Production Association

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Alissa Desler
Production Manager
Location Specialist

A Hidden Location NW
196706 E. 30th Ave
Kennewick Washington 99337